Our Story

From vision to reality, this is “rotary serving humanity”.

Life has countless crossroads. Pathways shared, pathway crossed. Significantly, friends, classmates, colleagues from different fields and different professions came together from what started off as mere get togethers.

CP Carol Mercado met with DG Edna Sutter one afternoon with the main purpose of requesting for DDF for a Global Grant Project to “Fight cancer! Save lives!” Over the course of their discussion, DG Edna proposed that CP Carol charter a new club instead and pursue her dedication to seek grants and serve others through a new club. CP Carol left the meeting a bit sad. She had authored many successful grants in her previous club and to pursue more of the same grants that will help significantly alleviate the living condition of the people we serve, she never thought of, or intended to charter a new club.

Separately, college batchmates from De La Salle University urged her to join an impromptu trip to Bacolod organized by batch head Raissa Hechanova Posadas. It was during this trip that Carol felt a more urgent calling. But first, the trip was an opportunity to deepen friendships- trekking through a bucolic fishpond with batchmates Br Armin Luistro FSC and Rina Lopez, a day trip to San Carlos City, sunset at the Ruins, and heritage house viewings. One afternoon, the batch visited the Andres Bonifacio Elementary School to witness the turnover of the “Gift of Knowledge” by Rina’s Knowledge Channel to the school, and seeing the joy in the faces of the school children touched CP Carol’s heart. She started to dream big for one of the two flagship projects of Rotary Club of Makati Premier District to be “Helping Improve the Education in the Philippines” in cooperation with Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. and other government and non-government organizations and premier business organizations.

The Core Group, comprised of CP Carol, Raissa, Rina, and Ravi Daryanani started meeting. Eventually, the group of friends from La Salle  were joined by Manila's Best Dressed and high school friends of Raissa and Rina from Assumption. More structured meetings were held and more members were invited. With most of the members being Rotary newbies, several talks were scheduled among which were: a talk by PDG Robert Kuan, a crash course on Rotary by SPDG Sue Sta. Maria. A planning workshop was conducted to discuss club roles and officers. PDG Robert Kuan was appointed by DG Edna Sutter as our DGSR. RC Makati was appointed as our sponsoring club. District Coordinating Chair for membership PP Cora Tan helped facilitate the charter process. On April 20, 2017, the Rotary Club of Makati Premiere District was born, with twenty-six (26) Charter Members.