The Makati Rotary District Premier Club is part of a global Rotary community of more than 1.2 million individuals committed to improving the lives of people through six areas of focus:

Promoting peace
Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
Saving mothers and children
Supporting Education
Growing local economies
Fighting disease

This club is currently engaged in two of the six areas of focus: supporting education and fighting disease.

Supporting Education

To this day, Filipino learners still fail to achieve at least a 75 percent passing score in government standardized tests. National Achievement Tests conducted in the past decade show an average mean percentage score ranging from 40 to 60 percent.

Despite education having the largest slice of the national budget, the K-to-12 Reform Program and other efforts of the Department of Education, many problems still exist in the public education system. These include the lack of learning materials, the dearth of professional development opportunities in effective teaching strategies and the use of learning technologies in classrooms, among others. 

The Makati Rotary District Premier Club is doing its part in helping millions of Filipino learners by partnering with like-minded organizations that aim to improve the quality of basic education in the Philippines.

Educating through media

The Knowledge Channel has in the past 18 years, been doing its best to help address these issues by its many programs and projects.  Aside from developing and airing curriculum-based videos and bringing these to public schools, Knowledge Channel has been going to the most remote schools in mountain and island barangays reaching more than 6,000 schools with 5,000,000 students to date to provide access to its multimedia learning resources and help teachers engage students with the appropriate use of 21st century teaching approaches, emergent learning tools, and learner-centered teaching approaches through Learning Effectively through Enhanced and Evidenced-Based Pedagogies (LEEP) training program.

Early Reading Intervention Program

An Australian study by Crevola and Hill in 2011 pointed out that evidences continue to mount that the “early success in reading is the key to long-term success in school and in lifelong learning, the study continues to say that, “Children who successfully learn to read in the early primary years of school are well prepared to read for learning while children who struggle with reading in Grades 1 to 3 are at a serious disadvantage.”

The Rotary Club of Makati Premier District will support education through the Knowledge Channel to

1. Develop relevant and effective videos especially in beginning reading and reading comprehension,
2. Provide these videos to public schools , and 
3. Train teachers in effective learning strategies 

Fighting Disease

Cancer is increasingly becoming the primary cause of morbidity in all regions of the world. 

The Philippine Cancer Society aims to help the Filipino cope with Cancer by preventing it and diminishing deaths caused by it, especially among the underserved through education, advocacy and special services. 

Together with the Philippine Cancer Society and the Knowledge Channel our club will work to help Filipinos by raising funds and supporting the  

1. Development of videos on cancer awareness, the importance of healthy living, and periodic screening for early cancer detection and treatment
2. Provision of these videos to public schools, and to movie theaters as public service announcements
3. Provision of a mobile clinic for the purpose of screening and early treatment to cervical cancer with the use of a cryotherapy machine.